Follow These 6 Tips To Play Hockey and Build a Strong Base As a Beginner

Hockey playing involves the whole body and requires a tremendous amount of physical fitness and skills. Thus, the physical strength and the basic skills, play a big role in hockey playing. Most of the time beginners tend to forget the basic ideas and try to go for the advanced level without achieving the primary goals. With these tips to play hockey, you will find basic ideas those will help you to build a strong base for your future.

1# Strength Your Lower Body Parts

Hockey involves excessive use of lower body muscles as players continuously stay bent and reach out. This is why as a player you must focus on building your lower body muscles. First, try to get strength by weight training. It will help your stamina and you will not feel tired. Secondly, try to stretch your muscles on a regular basis. Regular stretching will give you much-needed elasticity that will help you to be agile in the field. It will also give you much needed speed as a player.

2# Stick Handling

Hockey sticks are like body part for a hockey player. This is why it is highly important to get accustomed to the stick in various forms. Pick your stick and see in how many ways you can handle the stick. It will boost your confidence as you will be very much comfortable with the stick and your power to maneuver the ball will increase.

3# Passing at Different Angles

This is a very obvious one and also most important among the tips to play hockey. Most of the time players practice passing in certain angles only. Try to practice passing at different angles and from different postures. As you get better, try passing in diverse directions while moving. This skill to pass at different direction will prepare you for match situations; you will feel in control because you are ready to pass the ball in whichever direction your teammate is.

4# Receiving from different angles

Receiving is as much as vital as passing. Move and try to receive from your partner. Practice receiving from the back side and all other possible angles and do it while you are moving. This will increase your interception on the field and your skills to handle the ball will increase as you will be able to keep the hold of the ball.

5# Target Practicing

Though it is one of the most obvious tips to play hockey, still many players don’t practice it as much as they should. There is nothing better than scoring goal and one can’t do it if the player is not skilled enough to hit the smallest of the targets. This target practicing will not only help your scoring, but it will also boost your passing skills.

6# Try Match Reading

Try to read match results from the previous matches and performances of the players. It will help your cognitive side. One can add fun and excitement to it by betting in an online casino. Casinos like Zodiac Casino, Luxury Casino, and Captain Cooks Casino are always there to test your match reading skills.

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